The Drowned Tower

“We didn’t know it was coming. Well, we did I guess, but we didn’t think it was real. the collapse was slow, like waking up. Rising from the depths, up to reality…”

  • Scrap from a lost journal, dated January 6th, 2161

2311, the world is no longer recognizable: the land sundered by an unknown disaster, civilization collapsed, technology irreparably destroyed. Those who couldn’t escape to the stars struggle against the ancient powers that have been unleashed.

You are The Magician, an explorer seeking answers in a world that is no longer bound by the laws of reality.

Magic & Technology

Enter a world of duality. A place where The Sundering has unleashed powerful magic. A place where mechanized monsters still haunt the dark places of the planet, carrying out corrupted programming. A place where searing lasers are as deadly as dragon’s fire.

Find Answers in the Future and the Past

Harness the power of tarot to look into the future and the past to learn more about the history of your doomed world.

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Divination that knows you. Using OceanSmoke’s procedural generation technology, your deck changes based on who you are and what you feel. 

Alter the world around you with a dynamic magic system that learns from your emotions. Use Tarot cards to change the physical landscape of the world, unleash destruction on your foes and tease secrets from the characters that populate the world. Feeling peaceful? your deck will calm and soothe your enemies. Feeling frightened? Turn that fear on the monsters that scare you most.

Relics of a Lost World

As you explore, find ancient technology to protect you and enhance your magical abilities.

A Dream World

The barriers between planes of existence are broken. Like water through cracked stone strange energies seep through shifting and changing the world around you as you explore.

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By harnessing the power of W/ARE lucid dreaming induction technology, worlds come to life in a way never before possible. With procedural generation, dynamic neuro-genesis, and artificially intelligent story, The Drowned Tower is a game that is as unique as you are.

Procedural Generation

The world of The Drowned Tower is truly yours to explore. Each of the thousands of procedural props in the game are tagged with emotional and objective tags. As you explore the world, the game reads your emotional response to the scenery, characters and story you encounter and then dynamically adjusts the world around you to evoke a powerful emotional response from you the player.

Dynamic Neuro-Genesis

Unlike traditional games, where artists and developers spend thousands of hours creating models, textures and dialogue, W/ARE’s exclusive technology allows developers to stream and store neurologically generated content on a central server, where voice and image recognition algorithms can analyse and convert that content into digital assets. These digital assets are distributed to clients and dynamically integrated into the game world.

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Artificially Intelligent Story

Humans are creatures blessed–and sometimes cursed–with emotions. They are literally what make us human. Imagine a game that understands how you feel.

“To me, mother means safety. Mother means warmth and light. I was eight, maybe nine, when we saw the Wendigo. I remember the way her eyes darkened as she pulled the Ten of Pentacles from her coat and pushed me behind her. I still smell the acrid sting of burning fur as she opened fire.”

  • Jessica Morvane, Preacher of the Sacred Deck

To one mother may mean safety. But to another, it may mean fear, or disapproval. Our aiStory technology learns which characters and archetypes have emotional resonance for the player and adjusts the story and world to support and subvert those feelings.


Oceansmoke Games understands the challenges of maintaining privacy in our increasingly digital world. All client content stored on our servers is encrypted using state-of-the-art 256-bit ECC encryption algorithm. All personally identifiable information is stripped from dynamic content and stored on military-grade virtual servers.


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Working exclusively with W/ARE presents both an incredible opportunity and interesting challenges for us as developers. Their EEG and tACS systems allow us to receive an incredible amount of direct feedback from the player. However, as the game itself is directly induced into the image processing regions of the brain, it makes it challenging to express what the experience is actually like.

In order to be able to share the game with our audience as it develops, we have dedicated a great deal of our development time is focused on creating a virtualized neurological image-processing analogue system—basically an AI brain—that can process signals from the game engine and output graphical results in .jpg and .mpeg formats. We’ve nicknamed the system ORTHAGON.

While both the game and the ORTHAGON Graphical Processing system are in very early alpha, we would like to share some of the test assets that the system has generated for us. These assets have been generated based on descriptive text provided by community volunteers.

tree with frame
Input by: dazzman50 – Focus on the word “Tree” and describe in a few words what you see. “Dark, gnarled bark. Slightly hunched over, with bright green leaves hanging down in thick bunches. Tall and ominous looking, with thick roots visible”
spider stalker
Input by: FilthyClaudetteMain – In a few words, describe an object or entity that frightens you. “Overly large insects and spiders.”
hospital with frame
Input By: Mudogma – In a few words, describe a building which you have a strong memory (positive or negative) of. “A hospital is where people are born and comforted when they die. You have joy Comfort sadness calmness urgency in the extreme there and often close together.”
Input By: dazzman50 – In a few words, describe an object or entity that frightens you. “Anything skeletal, especially if moving jerkily and quickly. With animalistic and threatening gestures”
bridge with frame
Input By: ktoragodzina – In a few words, describe a building which you have a strong memory (positive or negative) of. “as a kid, i was always afraid of bridges. that kind of stayed until today, but turned more into curiosity.”
grandmother with frame
Input By: arcticblue – In a few words, describe a person that makes you feel happy or at peace. “My grandmother or my children.”
Input by: Epick_Odyssey – Focus on the word “Tree” and describe in a few words what you see. “I see a forest of pine trees. In early spring as pine cones start to form and life re awakens. Birds are being birthed, and squirrels are beginning to awake. I see life. Everywhere”

brutalist library
Input by: Howsthemanualblinkin In a few words, describe a building which you have a strong memory (positive or negative) of. library building of my previous University. Brutalist architecture mixed with colors and materials of the 70s. Strange spaces meant for human congregation but seemingly foreboding.”
flower girl
Input by: devinup – In a few words, describe a person that makes you feel happy or at peace. A girl who grows flowers in a small garden at a church and then sells the flowers to passersby on the street”

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Our Mission*}.-

Oceansmoke Games is dedicated to creating one-0f-a-kind gaming experiences. We are a small team of dedicated devel0pers who *<*^16*>>;




*&8q27asd–*& passionately work to create evolving and dynamic worlds for players to explore.

We’re Hir1*ng

Are you passionate about gaming? obsessed with finding the meaning in your dreams. (88–:^><;p

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>-0(*7&..; seeking experienced 3d modelers, programmers fluent in Unity, C++ and java.

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