By harnessing the power of W/ARE lucid dreaming induction technology, worlds come to life in a way never before possible. With procedural generation, dynamic neuro-genesis, and artificially intelligent story, The Drowned Tower is a game that is as unique as you are.

Procedural Generation

The world of The Drowned Tower is truly yours to explore. Each of the thousands of procedural props in the game are tagged with emotional and objective tags. As you explore the world, the game reads your emotional response to the scenery, characters and story you encounter and then dynamically adjusts the world around you to evoke a powerful emotional response from you the player.

Dynamic Neuro-Genesis

Unlike traditional games, where artists and developers spend thousands of hours creating models, textures and dialogue, W/ARE’s exclusive technology allows developers to stream and store neurologically generated content on a central server, where voice and image recognition algorithms can analyse and convert that content into digital assets. These digital assets are distributed to clients and dynamically integrated into the game world.

static void dyn_cont_upload(char[][] text, ArrayList<char[][]> upload)
 if( col == text.length){
 parse.add( makeCopy(text));

 } else {
 for(int row = 0; row < server.length; row++){
 // Determine content type
 board[row][col] = 'q';
 if( q_col_1452_type-css(upload) )
 dyn_cont_upload(upload, col + 1, parse);
 text[row][col] = '.';

Artificially Intelligent Story

Humans are creatures blessed–and sometimes cursed–with emotions. They are literally what make us human. Imagine a game that understands how you feel.

“To me, mother means safety. Mother means warmth and light. I was eight, maybe nine, when we saw the Wendigo. I remember the way her eyes darkened as she pulled the Ten of Pentacles from her coat and pushed me behind her. I still smell the acrid sting of burning fur as she opened fire.”

  • Jessica Morvane, Preacher of the Sacred Deck

To one mother may mean safety. But to another, it may mean fear, or disapproval. Our aiStory technology learns which characters and archetypes have emotional resonance for the player and adjusts the story and world to support and subvert those feelings.


Oceansmoke Games understands the challenges of maintaining privacy in our increasingly digital world. All client content stored on our servers is encrypted using state-of-the-art 256-bit ECC encryption algorithm. All personally identifiable information is stripped from dynamic content and stored on military-grade virtual servers.



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